WElcome to Minersville School
by Principal Heaps

Our 2017-2018 4th Quarter was a busy one. Our students in grades 3-8 were very successful on their SAGE tests. All of their hard work paid off. You should have received their score information on Wednesday, May 23. The students were given these to take home. Our students made great progress in their reading. This is such an important skill, and we appreciate all of you parents for taking time to read with your children each night. All of the classes had field trips. They have gone to St. George, Beaver, Cedar City, Beaver Mountains, and Lehman's Cave. We would like to thank our F.F.E. for helping out with entrance fees and other expenses for these trips. Thank you to all the parents for helping your children and supporting them throughout the year. We love your children and work everyday for their success. Have a great summer. See you in August.

Mrs. Heaps